Couple’s Amazing Close Encounter with Surfing Killer Whales in Boat Wake

Rich & Laura Howard celebrated their 20th Wedding Anniversary in La Paz Mexico at Costa Baja Resort/Spa. Their dive with the friendly resident sea lion colony was interrupted when whales dropped by. Watch the amazing video as these whales play “like dolphins” in the wake of their boat. Check out for more images of these Killer Whales / Orcas. Enjoy & excuse all the screaming.. we were blessed & so lucky to witness these “large dolphins” at play! Thank you Ellen for the Shout Out Today!

Wakesurfer | Sponsor Me Video

We are looking to sponsor wakesurfers for the upcoming 2018 season! Like us on Instagram @iamwakesurfer, share this video and then fill out the contact form on our website. Get it in sooner than later. We have been getting asked about sponsorships and we want YOU to get noticed.

EPIC FAIL – Hitting a Tree After Bombing a Hill on a Couch with Alex Hayes and Austin Keen!

Towards the end of my Australia trip, I linked up with LKI brand – at Somerset Dam just outside of Gold Coast and Brisbane. We got to do some double wave wakesurfing, but the highlight of the trip may have been drinking beers and eating vegemite while bombing hills on the LKI Couch! Here’s a video of Alex Hayes –… and myself getting to know each other a little better under some slightly stressful circumstances. @austinkeen47