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Trick Tips | Backside 360 | Phase 5

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This is by far the most popular trick tip request; the backside 360! This video features Phase 5 Wakesurfer’s team rider Jamie Drew teaching you how to do a backside 360 on a wakesurf board. phase5boards.com Cameras – Panasonic GH4 & GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition Film+Edit – Corbin Blanton (CB Filmz) Interview Footage – […]

The incredible science of surfing and waves | BBC article

Mick Fanning surfs during Round 4 of the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast in Australia.   By Jeremy Coles 20 July 2017   “I’m not sure if I have surfed the perfect wave yet. I’m still searching,” says Jamie Mitchell, World Surf League Big Wave Tour surfer. From highly skilled professional athletes to hobbyists after the […]

Costa Rica for an Off-Season Surf Trip?

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Surfing Costa Rica Costa Rica is home to some of the best waves on the planet, crashing along beaches that are clean and blissfully empty. By: Erica Walsh Related To: Beaches Water Sports Sports Guy Trips Travel’s Best Outdoors and Adventure Travel Planning Less crowded than the beaches of Sydney, Hawaii or Southern California, the […]

The Wall Street Journal
Far From the Ocean, These Surfers Don’t Wait for Waves
They ride endless wakes created by speedboats; ‘a glassy Idaho lake’

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By Rachel Bachman May 17, 2015 5:59 p.m. ET NAMPA, Idaho— Justin Harrison is fighting for the right to surf in Idaho. This type of surfing needs no ocean. It is called wakesurfing, and it lets someone surf, untethered, in a speedboat’s wake as though riding a briny wave. Boats designed for wakesurfing are hot […]

Wakesurfing: Following the Boat Without a Rope | New York Times Article 2007

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By STEPHEN REGENOLD AUG. 17, 2007 THE surf was up on Lake Charlotte, a 255-acre blue gem among the farm fields west of Minneapolis, and Todd Zaugg was yelling at his son to get into the water: “All right, señor, you’re on!” A little green wave curled from the lake’s chop. The sun was a […]

Trick Tips | How to do an Air with Hunter Sims | Boarders Magazine

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Wakesurfing tricks 101 with Hunter Sims: How to do an air. Want to learn how to get more air on your skim style wakesurf board? Pro wakesurfer Hunter Sims walks you through step by step on how to boost higher airs behind the boat. Find more tips here: http://boardersmag.com/articles/wakes… Social Media: https://facebook.com/boardersmag https://instagram.com/boardersmag Song: Ceanty […]

How Fin Design Affects Board Performance | By Doomswell

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Many details go into making a wakesurf board perform. Believe it or not, fins are one of the most important of those details. Below we tap into some reasons fins play such a big role in how your wakesurf board rides. Template: A template basically consists of 3 parts: the  base the height the rake. Base: The […]