Spring 2018 Women’s Swim Collection

Mexico is a crazy and beautiful place. One side of it is the nation’s capital, a noisy mega-city that’s so polluted you can barely breathe, and so congested you’re only allowed to drive your car on certain days of the week. But then there’s Maraika’s place. Nestled in a precious little cove down the coast from Puerto Vallarta, this low-key oasis is only accessible by boat, keeping it nicely hidden from the droves of tourists that usually invade the coastal area. Maraika’s is a colorful bohemian paradise that you wouldn’t believe is real unless you set foot there yourself.
We only spent about a week there sipping on fresh coconut water and living off tasty guac and tangy ceviche, but we were ready to stay forever. Settling into in our jungle tree houses surrounded by owers and friends, we made ourselves at home right away, and for a while, it was as if there was no other way to live. But even though most of us are now back to our busy lives, Maraika’s will always be there waiting for us to return to that dreamy state of total beach bliss.


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