Wakey’s Woody

Wakey's Woody Wagoneer

This blog series is going to focus on Wakesurfer.com’s 1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer project called Wakey’s Woody. Wakey is reference to “Wakey the Clown”, our resident trouble making, mischievous, yet sensitive hobo clown (more about Wakey in upcoming blog posts).  This project is a full restoration and performance modification being completed by RPM International, http://www.thebestitcanbe.com. The work on this lean and mean surf machine is slated to be finished by the summer of 2018 and will be Wakesurfer’s official tow vehicle, surf board carrier, and ghetto blaster. You’ve never seen a tow vehicle like this yet on the wakesurfing scene.

Follow the blog as we move through the stages of the build from crusty old barn Jeep collecting dust and mothballs to the final product. We will add pics and videos as we go of this beast so enjoy the show.


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